EMPOWER from Trinity is an electrical power meter, for use in three phase three/four wire electrical systems. It measures the phase voltages, currents, PF, Hz, system KVA, system KW, system KVAr, Active Energy (KWh) and Apparent Energy (KVAh). The various parameters measured are displayed on a 4 digit x 3 Row Red 7 segment LED matrix for easy visibility and readability. The CT ratio (primary) can be programmed at site using the front membrane key. The meter uses state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuitry to achieve very high accuracy measurement of true RMS value of all above parameters. The meter accuracy is class 1.0 for all parameters including KWh.


  • Multiparameter monitoring
  • Measures 16 Electrical values
  • All parameters with default accuracy class 1.0
  • Compact 96 x 96x 55 mm DIN enclosure
  • Bright, easy to read 7 segment LED matrix
  • Micro-controller based

Parameters Displayed

  • V, A, KWh, KVAh, KW, KVA, KVAR, PF, Hz.


  • Direct Voltage Input : Up to 300V L-N Burden 0.5VA
  • Direct Voltage Input : Up to 500V L-L Burden 0.5VA
  • Secondary Current Input: 5A or 1A (To be specified at the time of Ordering)
    CT Primary : Site Selectable
    Range of Reading : 5 - 5000A
    Burden :< 1.0VA
    Overload (Through CT) : 5A CT = 6A RMS Continuous 1A CT = 1.2A RMS Continuous
    (Whole Current) : 120% of Imax continuous.
  • Frequency : 45 to 55 Hz
    Accuracy : 0.3% of Reading
  • Three Energies
    Range of Reading : 0 to 9999999.9
    Accuracy : 1.0S as per IS 13779.
  • System PF
    Accuracy : 1% of Reading (IPFI>0.5)
    Range of Reading : 0.05 to 1.00 Lag/Lead
  • System KVA, KW & KVAR
    Accuracy : 1.0% of Reading
  • Display : 0.56 Red Seven Seg.
  • Communication: RS485 Port with EMS / SCADA using Modbus-RTU protocol.
  • Enclosure : 96X96X55 mm
  • Micro-controller based